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GVR was born in 1992, the founding member is Giordano, he bought an industrial building with his son Valentino and they started to make some little jobs. Then an interesting proposal concerning a plastic production come from an old friend so they decided to buy the first press, in the meantime also the daughter Renata joined the company, thus the reality of the family company G.V.R. was complete like is nowadays.

The molding department grows and the customization activity was added through hot stamping and pad printing. The number of presses, employees and the turnover increased. In 2006 the company purchased an adjacent warehouse and doubled the area.

G.V.R. is a consolidated reality since several years and maintains its family company dimension as a key to guarantee flexibility, direct contact with the customer and availability.  Then the company makes efforts to research new materials and to update machinery and equipment.

In 2018 G.V.R. certifies its production process according to the UNI EN ISO 9001/2015 regulations, in order to offer to the customer quality assurance and continuous improvement.

GVR's team

Giordano VerziniFounding member, commercial manager ( Italy ), technical office.

Every day he provides his long experience gained in the construction of the molds and molding…

Renata VerziniAssociate, export manager, administration.

She deals with the administration of the company; purchase of raw materials and she follows relationships…

Valentino VerziniAssociate, production manager, RSPP.

He deals with the planning and management of machines, he pays constant attention to the customer's…