Injection moulding

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Since 1992 we produce plastic parts by injection moulding machines.

We produce plastic parts starting from a few grams till 2 kilos  for all industrial applications such as:  automotive, cosmetics , lighting,  hotel guest amenities, house appliances  and more.

We only need your steel mould to produce your plastic parts. We can produce both small quantities or  big series. Thanks to our experience and know-how  we are able to offer a highly professional service in order to find the most efficient solution as you expeted .

If you need to realize a new item, we are your ideal partner to follow all the phases of the project :

-technical design

-construction  of the steel mould

-Production of the plastic pieces


We have 7 injection moulding machines  power from 80 to 450 ton completes with hoppers, dryers and cartesian robots.

80 T. Arburg: Allrounder Model
120 T. Zhafir: ZE1200III Model
165 T. Sandretto: Serie nove T Model
200 T. Maico: Tek 200 Model
320 T. Marist: Olympo PL 320 Model
320 T. Maico: M-N 320 Hybrid Model
450 T. Maico: Serie corsa 450 Model