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The purpose of the system is: “Production of plastic components by injection molding”.

In accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard, company processes are identified and standardized to continuously improve and guarantee the satisfaction of stakeholders and customers.

The company and stakeholders targets are scheduled, the results are monitored through indicators and at the same time risks and opportunities are assessed identifying the corrective and improvement actions that can be adopted to face them.

The resources necessary for the correct execution of the company processes are determined. The company defines roles, functions, responsibilities and authority and communicates it through the organization chart and job description disclosed to all staff.

The organization keeps the information documented to support the operation of the processes and to ensure that they are executed as planned.

Every year, quality objectives are scheduled for the relevant functions, levels and processes required for the quality management system.

The indicators used to monitor the achievement of these objectives are updated annually and they are assessed by the Management and documented in the management review.

GVR is currently certified ISO 9001:2015.