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The purpose of the system is: “Production of plastic components by injection moulding”.
In compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, company processes are identified and standardized to continuously improve and to guarantee the satisfaction of stakeholders and customers.

The objectives of the stakeholders and of the company are set, the results are monitored through indicators and at the same time the risks and opportunities are assessed, identifying the corrective and improvement actions that can be adopted to deal with them.
The resources necessary for the correct performance of company processes are determined. The company defines roles, functions, responsibilities and authorities and communicates this through the organization chart and job description disclosed to all personnel.
The organization maintains documented information to support the operation of processes and to ensure that they are performed as planned.

Quality objectives are established annually for the relevant functions, levels and processes required for the quality management system.
The indicators used to monitor the achievement of these objectives are updated on an annual basis and are evaluated annually by the Management and documented in the management review.


Among its leading objectives, G.V.R. places product quality, services provided and the satisfaction of its workers on the same level as profitability.




The constant implementation of the management model acquired enables G.V.R.  to plan the actions to be carried out to fully achieve the improvement objectives set out by the Company Management in a suitable manner. Such actions are the fruit of a constant analysis of the context in which G.V.R. operates and of the assessment of related risks.

To deal with these issues, G.V.R. has adopted a Quality Management System that meets the requirements of Standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

The activities planned, programmed and implemented must aim for the continuous improvement of the QMS. The main objectives are:


  • Improvement of the image and market reputation, meaning: increase in client numbers, turnover growth, territorial expansion of the company and entry into new market areas;
  • Confirming and strengthening a close collaborative relationship with current and potential clients, reinforcing the client-supplier relationship;
  • Using structures that ensure respect for the environment and guarantee safety in the workplace, in compliance with current Regulations/Legislative Decrees;
  • Ensuring company profit to reinvest in the growth of know-how intended as innovation / implementation / attention towards technological evolution and client needs and in the improvement of all company processes in order to guarantee the company’s competitiveness on the market;
  • Favouring the professional growth of collaborators, granting them the necessary training and a suitable qualification in order to have an organizational structure and human resources always ready to fulfil company and market needs;
  • Selection, assessment and qualification of Raw material suppliers with the objective of obtaining compliant supplies when it comes to quality and reliability over time.

Reaching these objectives must be a priority for the entire company and it is the direct responsibility of the QMS Manager to verify their achievement, as is the periodic verification of the suitability of the System adopted. Relevant improvement actions have been identified for each area, the implementation of which will enable a positive feedback on company objectives and which the Management will periodically communicate and provide feedback for.

Therefore, the G.V.R. Management confers to Company managers the authority to apply the relevant “QMS”, as well as the responsibility of reporting to Management as regards the performance of the System within their area of competence and the improvement actions undertaken or to be undertaken.  The Management also believes in the importance of involving all personnel in daily activities through specific improvement proposals that will be carefully assessed and implemented.

Lastly, the Management undertakes to disseminate this “Company Policy” to both the G.V.R. personnel and external Interested Parties via suitable communication tools.

GVR è attualmente certifcata ISO 9001:2015.